#Maskne: anyone else?


Date created: October 21, 2020    Written by: Sarah Jlil

Maskne 😷 is a hot topic nowadays and will be with us for a few more months.
Here’s what we can all do to help sort it out ?
We have to remember our skin over the last 6 months has changed.  Not only has it faced a new food diet during lockdown with a possible uptake of Alcohol along with richer foods it has also gone through 2 seasons of weather🌞 🍁 Which is now heading into a cold damp season, then it’s being covered by multiple layers of material.
Either disposable or material, be honest, do you change or wash yours at the end of the day ?
Many of us are still using our original trusted Skincare products, that we have used for many months or even years and then blaming the masks for our skins outbreaks.  Yes, they are definitely a factor and without a doubt a main contributing factor, but we need to adjust, adapt and take more care of our skin.
I have been listening to many hairdressers/therapists and other industries that now face wearing masks for long hours and of course it’s going to have a huge effect on our skin being covered.  Our skin is being subjected to warmth from our breath which in a closed environment will bread bacteria-
Did you know ??
Your skin has natural good and bad bacteria living on it, so wearing a mask creates a great breeding ground for these little germs 🦠 to multiply.
Many of you are now choosing not to wear make-up as it’s a waste of product but maybe that makes you skip a cleansing routine as you have no make-up to remove ?  By doing this you may not realise that make-up acts as a barrier and collects dirt and free radicals etc.  So by intensifying your evening routine to really deep clean and nourish your skin, you will be removing those pesky particles that have accumulated under your mask and helping your skin to repair and perform at its best.
No one enjoys wearing masks but imagine if your skin could talk what it would be saying !
It’s time to give it some intense TLC and help it to achieve its maximum beauty. By adjusting just 1-2 products can make a huge difference to how it looks, feels and performs.  So now the darker nights are heading our way we have the perfect time to sit back and give it some well deserved pampering.
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